Everything in Motion - with our Studio Solutions


Studio Installations are an ever-growing part of our business at MAT. We provided the MAT-LIFTCAM® for the »Tagesthemen« news program in Hamburg, Germany. The Rosie O’Donnell show in the U.S. opted for an MAT-AERODOLLY® System.
At one of China’s biggest and most modern news studios in Hongkong the mobile camera system beneath the studio ceiling, the MAT- AERODOLLY® plus the MAT-TOWERCAM® TWIN PEEK, has been mounted. In cooperation with Camera Support Manufacturer Shotoku Broadcast Systems we installed four SmartTrack rail systems (MAT-LIZARD® Dolly plus MAT-TOWERCAM® TWIN PEEK) to Norwayʼs national public broadcaster.

As the camera’s exact path across the floor is permanently and precisely defined by the track, production designers can bring the cameras right into the set itself – achieving creative camera angles not possible with manual or traditional robotic cameras.

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