MAT-AVIATOR®Available for sales

Based on the experience the MAT-Team gathered over years while working with the famous FLYCAM® it seems to be the right time to add the new MAT creation to the world of sophisticated camera systems.
The “Silverado” a.k.a. the MAT – AVIATOR® is not only looking cool but it also has great features.
Due to the lightweight dolly plus camera and the low wire tension the MAT-AVIATOR®  is easily installed at almost every in- or outdoor location.

The system will accept the following cameras:
SONY P1 • RED EPIC X / Dragon • CANON C300 / C500 • IKEGAMI HDL 45 / HDL 4500 • PANASONIC AK-HC 1500 • ARRI ALEXA MINI • SONY FS700 / F5 / F55 PHANTOM FLEX4K • etc.

Size of AVIATOR®-Dolly: 98,0 x 48,5 x 43,5cm
(3’ 2,58“ x 1’ 7.09“ x 1’ 5.12“) LxWxH
Max. Speed: approx. 50 km/h (13,88 m/s, 31 mph)
3 Wires = 3 times safety
Max. total load AVIATOR®: 40kg,
Payload (Head +Camera): 25kg,
Payload Dolly (Body): 5kg,
Indoor and outdoor – rain or shine
350mtrs. or approx. 1000ft. span

Watch the MAT-AVIATOR® Video here !