A remote image taking system with operator and camera components removed from shooting area. The camera looks into a periscope-like optical relay tube that extends downwards below the camera and ends with a small front-surfaced mirror.Since the mass of the camera and operator are removed from the shooting area, considerations of scene staging are concerned only with the small end (1,25″ x 1,25″ at the mirror) of the tube. The tilting mirror is remote controlled, as are other functions such as pan, roll, focus, zoom and iris.The mirror system permits more intimate shooting (due to its small size) than add-on right-angled lens periscopes. It also permits tilting up in constricted situations because the mirror, rather than the tube/camera combination, does the tilting. The system allows viewpoints into tight quarters reachable from overhead, or from very low viewpoints or in miniature sets. Pans and tilts are on system nodal point. An added waterproof tube permits underwater or transition shots.

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