MAT-TOWERCAM® TWIN PEEKAvailable for sales

Remote Controlled Dynamic Camera Column

The Academy Award (SciTech) Winning MAT-TOWERCAM® TWIN PEEK is the “2 in 1” version It can work both ways: inverted and upright!

MAT-TOWERCAM® TP is a dynamic, remote controlled, telescoping camera column, which can be combined with any standard remote head (360° pan). The column runs very smooth and almost silent while telescoping in and out – in upright or inverted position. MAT-TOWERCAM® TP can be operated by only one person.

Watch the video of the MAT-TOWERCAM® TWIN PEEK !

Watch the video of the inverted MAT-TOWERCAM® TP version !

Lensheight (out)
16.50 ft.
Lensheight (in)
6.00 ft.
Liftspeed max.
3.00 ft./sec.
154 lbs.
132 lbs.

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