MAT L-E-VATOR® for MAT-TOWERCAM®Available for sales

Boosting the travel of the column from the bottom to the top !


They did it again: Peter Braun and his zeitgeisty MAT- crew invented a brandnew tool which gives DOP`s a fantastic new camera perspective, that wasn’t performable before.

For their Sci-Tech-awarded MAT-TOWERCAM®, MAT created a unique gadget > the L-E-VATOR®. This amazing camera motion system combined with a 15ft or 33ft. The MAT-TOWERCAM®, allows you to establish a move from the bottom of the set up to approx. 15ft. / 33ft. height (with the MAT-TOWERCAM® 5000 or up to 33ft with the MAT-TOWERCAM® 10000) in one smooth vertical shot – not comparable to a standard crane shot because with the L-E-VATOR® you have the extraordinary chance to realize in an extremely small location or position a direct, straight, vertical shot at a speed you choose: slow or racy and rapid, but always noiseless, smooth and stable.

The L-E-VATOR® is a really new coup and this brilliant idea delivers great promises to DOP`s who already like to work with the MAT-TOWERCAM®.