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The go-anywhere Solution

The new MAT-LIZARD® DOLLY MK II is a remote controlled camera dolly, specially designed to run on curved tracks (variable width – 40 cm / 15,5 in or 62 cm / 24,5 in) as well as moving along straight tracks – floor based or inverted, compact, a heavy-duty and easy to handle piece of equipment.
Combining the unique MAT-TOWERCAM® (XS, XS plus, Standard) telescopic column and the MAT-LIZARD® DOLLY with the Shotoku multi-camera remote control gives you the SmartTrack. Available in various configurations SmartTrack supports floor or ceiling mounted tracks, straight or curved in shape. On most systems the drive system is track-end mounted using a simple, reliable, direct drive belt to ensure smooth and accurate dolly positioning without drift or wheel slip problems. Up to 25 m (82 ft) length tracks can be created with a single track-end drive unit.

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