MAT-AERODOLLY® SystemAvailable for sales

Multifunctional 2D Camera Tracking System

The MAT-AERODOLLY® SYSTEM is a multifunctional and versatile special camera system, comprised of an electronically driven, remote controlled dolly and a special track (which functions in both a hanging and in an upright position).
Propulsion of the MAT-AERODOLLY® SYSTEM occurs through a closed loop driven by a motor/pulley combination at the end of the tracks.
In combination with the MAT-TOWERCAM® TWIN PEEK and for example the MICRO SCORPIO HEAD, every movement (Dolly, Towercam up + down, Head pan + tilt) can be saved and then later recalled (“store and recall”).
The MAT-AERODOLLY® SYSTEM can be controlled by an operator from a distance of approx. 1000 ft.


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