Multifunctional 2D Camera Tracking System

The MAT-AERODOLLY® System is a multifunctional and versatile special camera system comprised of an electronically driven,
remote-controlled dolly and a special track, which functions in overhead position.

In combination with the MAT-TOWERCAM® TWIN PEEK and programmable Remote Head, every movement of the dolly, travel of the MAT-Towercam®, remote-head pan + tilt can be saved and then later recalled. The system can be controlled by an operator from a distance of approx. 1000 ft and is able to carry heavy loads.

    TC 5000
    TC 10000
  • height (out)
    16,50 ft
    33 ft
  • height (in)
    6,00 ft
    9,00 ft
  • Liftspeed
    3,00 ft/sec
    3,00 ft / sec
  • Weight
    154 lbs
    198 lbs
  • Load
    132 lbs
    100 lbs
(All measures are approximations)