Already History…. NAB Las Vegas 2017

At the recent NAB expo in Las Vegas MAT has presented extremely successful two astonishing new system:

The camera attached to the top of the 15ft TOWERCAM® telescopes between the starting height (approx. 5ft.) and the maximum, fully extended height of the column (approx.15ft.). The use of the L-E-VATOR® allows the camera move to start near the bottom (approx. less then 1ft.) and rise in a soft and smooth way up to the top level (approx. 15ft.). Thus boosting the travel of the column from approx. 10ft. to 14ft.

The lightweight dolly can work on the ground, overhead, vertically and diagonally, and can perform curved moves on its 35cm-wide tracks. The compact, 30x82cm dolly can also be combined with a special edition of the Academy Sci-Tech Award winning TOWERCAM® to create one-of-a-kind moves.